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Castlevania™ Valiant Guardian™

Castlevania™ Valiant Guardian™

Slot Type

5-reel, with 20, 30, or 40-line configurations and forced extra bet.

Progressive Jackpot

4-Level Standalone Progressive with variable extra bet.

Bonus Features

Xtra Reward®, Action Stacked Symbols®, Mystery Full-Reel Wilds Feature, Dracula's Castle Jackpot Feature, Castlevania Gameplay Feature, Free Games with expanded 9-9-9-9-9 reel layout


Castlevania™ Valiant Guardian™ is a new epic fantasy from Konami, available on the Concerto Crescent™, and it's sure to cast a spell on you. With a curved 43” HD cinematic display and a custom portrait-oriented game format, this cabinet promises a truly immersive journey into Dracula’s world.

CASTLEVANIA GAMEPLAY FEATURE — If the Mystery Wild Feature occurs, there is a chance the Castlevania Feature may be triggered. When it does, players choose one heart among several displayed to reveal a number of moves, which is selected according to the range of displayed numbers on each heart, and then advances that number of spaces towards the castle.The player then proceeds to select hearts and continues moving until no hearts remain.

As the player moves, they may encounter bats, which they will automatically defeat for a chance at either an additional heart or a treasure bag. The bag randomly awards a bonus prize from 50 to 1200 credits. Players who select extra credit bet levels during primary play can increase their odds of reaching the castle by activating special portals that advance the hero closer toward the front of the castle.

JACKPOT FEATURE — The Jackpot Feature is triggered when the hero reaches the castle. When they do, the player will fight against a series of monsters and the more monsters they defeat, the higher the progressive prize they will win.