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April 2024

Embracing the Thrill: The Art of Having Fun at the Casino

For many, stepping into a casino is an invitation to indulge in a variety of games, each offering its own unique blend of entertainment and opportunity. But beyond the glittering lights and ringing slot machines lies an art form—the art of having fun.

Tax Tips for Casino Players
Alex Winter’s tax prep tips include essential steps on how to keep as much of your 2023 casino winnings as possible. Plus, find out how his tips can also help make you a better bettor.

April Extra Casino Values
Check out more ways to get some green this April at Southern California casinos! Take advantage of this month’s new players club sign ups, plus all the extra values listed.

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In This Issue…

More Ways to Win!
Everyone loves a winner, especially when casino jackpots are involved! In addition to life-changing slot jackpots and promotional prizes like luxury cars, extravagant accessories and of course, cash, this month, we’re bringing you news of another way to win big money at Southern California casinos.

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