Discovery Shark Week

Discovery Shark Week


3rd Place Best Music, Movie, or TV-Themed Slot

Slot Type

4 x 5 Reel Match, 1¢ video slot. Minimum bet of 50; maximum bet of 500 credits.

Top Award

$100,000 + progressive growth

Bonus Features

Shark Wheel, Break the Cage, What Did the Shark Eat?, Fish Grab, Shark Alert


Discovery Shark Week features three popular base video game themes that include Shark Week with Star Magic, Shark Week with Jaws of Steel, and Shark Week with Fire Phoenix Burst. Break the Cage, What did the Shark Eat, Fish Grab, and Shark Alert are thrilling bonus features. Actual footage from Discovery’s Shark Week plays at the end of each bonus and is scattered throughout all the themes. The Empire Arena™ hexagon configuratino spans across 6 massive 55-inch screens. Players are randomly awarded bonus-triggering Wheel Spins. Shark Alert mode triggers across the entire bank and allows players to catch sharks for big prizes.


Slot Name