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Best Casinos

Southern California Gaming Guide™ Reader’s Choice Best Casinos

2022AwardCoinRedWhat are the best casinos in Southern California? Ask Southern California casino players. Every year since 2003 we have asked the readers of the Southern California Gaming Guide™ to tell us their favorite casinos — those  they think rate the Reader’s Choice Best Casinos awards.

This year, the voting was held during August. Thousands of readers filled out ballots online. Southern California Gaming Guide readers are casino players in all 24 Southern California Indian casinos, and they know what they like. 

It’s important to note that the Best Casinos awards every year are not chosen by our editorial staff, but by our readers, by one vote per individual. During 17 years we’ve learned that Southern California Gaming Guide readers love to share their views about the casinos they visit. We value their opinions, and so do Southern California casinos, which are some of the best in the country.


Best Casinos 2023

Voting for the 2023 Best Casinos has ended. Look for the winners in the October 2023 issue!