Sphinx 4D Video Slots

Sphinx 4D® Video Slots


First Place Best Slot Graphics
First Place Best Slot Innovation

Slot Type

5-reel, 27-line, 1¢ video slot. Minimum bet of 80 credits; maximum bet of 400 credits.

Top Award

Wide Area Progressive Jackpot resets at $100,000. Stand-alone progressive jackpot resets at $10,000.

 Bonus Features

Seven interactive bonuses including Pick Orbs, Butterfly, Energy Bonus, Sandstorm Bonus, Diamond Chamber Bonus, Blazing Numbers Bonus, and Mystic Wheel Bonus

IGT’s multi-sensory new slot, Sphinx 4D, introduces amazing 4D technology that includes IGT’s three-dimensional imagery with the added feature of gesture recognition technology — using fingers to manipulate reels and buttons without physically touching the machine — and the tactile sensation of features emanating from the screen, plus mid-air haptic technology that gives players tactical feedback as they interact with the 3D graphics. You have to experience this amazing game to marvel at its ingenuity.

The CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet for Sphinx 4D features a 50-inch curved portrait ultra-hd top display and 32-inch, landscape, ultra-hd lower display. It includes a digital player panel with dual bash buttons and player-adjustable settings for sound, mid-air haptics, chair rumble and the intensity of the game’s TRUE 3D technology.

In Sphinx 4D, you gesture or point, and the game reacts providing a level of player interaction never seen or experienced before. Players can reach out and drag objects to the center of the CrystalCurve 4D monitor to trigger progressives, wilds, multipliers and free games. There are amazing features including changing the monitor scene from day to night by drawing a circle in the air, or drawing a heart to have it appear on the screen.

Players familiar with previous Sphinx 3D games, the only glasses-free 3D slot in HD, will love this astonishing new technology. The friendly Vizier keeps players informed about all the game’s features so it’s a rich slot experience unlike any other.

The seven interactive bonuses include:

Pick orbs by reaching into the 4D interaction area and dragging them into the lightening cage. Reveal 3 'Eye of Ra' to win the Jackpot

Must be unlocked by collecting butterflies in the base game. Open and close your hands to make a butterfly appear for credit awards.

Energy Bonus — Win 10 bonus games. Play the games by reaching into the 4D interaction area, grabbing the symbols, and pulling them towards the player.

Sandstorm Bonus — Play 3 rounds of bonus games by wiping away blowing sand.

Diamond Chamber Bonus — Pick 'em bonus. To pick a gem, reach into the 4D interaction area and point at the desired gem until the counter expires.

Blazing Numbers Bonus — Reach into the 4D interaction area to make a flame appear above your finger. Place the flame behind the lanterns to reveal their credit ranges, and place it under a lantern to select it.

Mystic Wheel Bonus — Wheel bonus. Swipe the wheel in the 4D interaction area. Wheels can be spun in either direction.

Sphinx 4D